3 magnitude earthquake rattles elderly Christchurch residents GNS seismologist Caroline Holden said the force of the shaking was down to the "terrible combination" of location (onshore and close to people) and shallow depth. Canterbury’s old and stressed crust meant earthquakes were usually "jolty". The Valentines Day earthquake was an up and down movement. Monday’s had that and a sideways movement,, where plates ruptured past each other. Magnitude measures the size of the rupture,, meaning how much earth has been displaced. "It won’t tell you how much energy is released,," Holden said. Wellington on Monday was still experiencing a more than magnitude 7 earthquake,,cheap jerseys china,, but no one could feel it because it is happening so slowly,, Holden said. A fast break in the crust,,cheap jerseys,, like what happened at 3.32am in Cashmere,, broke the crust in a "very fast and punchy" way,, meaning the shaking was stronger. Christchurch residents described hearing a roar before the short and "nasty"earthquake
($1550) with heated front and rear seats,, a heated windshield and steering wheel,, heated windshield washer nozzles,, and an Interior Air Quality System. The Technology Package ($1500) provides an array of extra Volvo safety features. Safety features that come standard include multi stage front impact airbags and curtain style head protection airbags for all outboard seats. The front passenger side impact airbags have two compartments: a lower one for the hips,, which can handle more force without injury,, and a second one that deploys more gently around the shoulders. Volvo’s Whiplash Protection Seating System (WHIPS) is design to minimize neck and back injuries in a significant rear impact. Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) and a tire pressure monitor are also standard. Safety belts have specially adjusted force limiters to reduce the risk of restraint injury,, and the side curtain airbags are longer than standard for better coverage. Available all wheel drive enhances safety in adverse conditions. Tunnel

The national center https://www.writemyessay4me.org/ for science education has posted a resource page devoted to the kitzmiller et al


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